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Bus Information


  Bus information can be located  on the district website under the “School Bus Routes”.

There is also a student locator link called Versatrans on the district School Bus Route Information page. You may look up your student’s information using the password “Guest” and search on Thursday at noon. 



Daily Announcements

Congratulations to our Students of the Week!  Mya Keys 6A, Kylie Le 7A, Kole Marsh 8A. 


December 2, 2021

Come see your friends in the Hefner choir perform next Tuesday, December 7th at 6pm in the gym. Songs range from ancient carols to tunes from a Charlie Brown Christmas. We would love to see you all there!


If you are in Drama Club and want to participate in Secret Santa, please come to the Secret Santa Draw today after school. We will meet in the Drama Room D106 from 2:45-3:15. You must be a Drama Club member and attend the Secret Santa Draw to participate in Secret Santa.



Hefner’s Got Talent performance will be tonight, December 2nd at 6 pm. Please come and watch these amazing and talented students!


Dance this Friday

6th gr during electives

7th and 8th 2:45-4:00

Make sure your ride is here at 4:00.

Tickets on sale during lunches until Thursday. No tickets will be sold on Friday.

There will be a Best Ugly sweater contest!


ATTENTION 7th and 8th graders. Ms. Pence will be selling last year’s yearbook for $25 in the concession stand during lunch time. That is $15 cheaper than the original price!! Get yours while they last!



Do not bring blankets to school.  Blankets need to be left at home.


If you would like to attend extracurricular events you must be considered as a student in good standing. That requires having good grades and attendance (not being on the ineligible list) and demonstrating PRIDE behavior (not being assigned ISR or suspended).


Make sure you are not out of area (that means being somewhere in the building where you do not have class). Principal consequence will be assigned if you are found out of area.

School News



First page of the PDF file: ElementaryPCFreeCOVIDShotFlyer
First page of the PDF file: GoBoldly-Website

iPad Continuation Plan
Putnam City School District is proud to be a one-to-one technology district. This individual access to iPads allows our students the privilege to be on the cutting edge of education. To ensure that we can continue this program, students will be held accountable for damaged iPads. Below is the iPad Continuation Plan. Even with this plan, the district incurs a large amount of repair cost. Students will be held accountable for a portion of repair cost upon the second incident of damage during middle school, even if the damage does not occur within the same school
year. Incidents of damage do not start over each year, instead they carry over each year of middle school. Students who have outstanding damage fees will only be allowed access to a computer in the classroom until the damage charge is paid in full. The most common incident reported is iPads being stepped on while on the floor. Please communicate with your student to keep their iPad off of the floor at all times, especially while at lockers and switching classes. We look forward to another year of learning on iPads, and are grateful that our district is able to provide these great learning tools on an individual basis to students. iPad Continuation Plan: 

Accidental iPad Damage Cost

1st Time - No charge to student

2nd Time - $35 charge to student

3rd Time - $70 charge to student

4th Time - Full Replacement Cost

Keyboard Damage Cost

1st Time - $35 charge to student

2nd Time - Full Replacement Cost

Lost, Stolen, or Intentionally


1st Time -$35 charge to Student

2nd Time- Full Replacement Cost

Charger Replacement

$22 charge to student

*Students who purposely break, smash, or damage any iPad will be expected to replace the iPad and consequences will be determined by an administrator. 

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