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Go to the Clubs & Activities page and the All Sports tab for information about athletics for the 2020-2021 school year.

Bus Drivers and Monitors Wanted

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Scott Graham - 6th Grade Principal

Hello Hefner Vikings!!!

My name is Scott Graham and I will be the 6th grade Assistant Principal for the upcoming school year.  I am so excited to be returning to Hefner Middle School.   I grew up in Oklahoma City and attended four Putnam City Schools (Harvest Hills, Dennis, Hefner and PC North).  When I graduated from PC North, my next stop was the University of Oklahoma for my Bachelors Degree and a few years later, the University of Central Oklahoma for my Master's Degree in Secondary Administration.

Hefner is a very familiar building for me and it feels like I'm returning home.  As I mentioned above, I was a student at Hefner when it was Hefner Junior High for grades 7, 8 and 9.  After graduating from OU, I was hired as a science teacher and taught 8th grade science for approximately 10 years.  From there, I became an Assistant Principal at Hefner.  Recently, I've been an Assistant at Cooper and Mayfield.  And now, I'm returning to the school where it all started!  What a great feeling!

I am very excited to welcome our new 6th grade students and look forward to a fantastic year.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need anything.  I look forward to meeting each of you later this summer.  Together, we are in store for greatness!    

It's a great day to be a Viking!!!  



I wanted to provide a link from the CDC, “Facts about COVID-19 for discussions with children”, to be shared with teachers who could then share the link with students & their families.

With the abundance of information on the news, social media, and other resources children may worry about COVID-19 and not understand everything. I wanted to share a resource created by the CDC for guidance in helping adults have honest and accurate conversations with children that may minimize anxiety or fear & hopefully increase understanding and healthy behaviors.

This resource corresponds with the following Oklahoma Academic Standards for Health:

OK Academic Standard Health 3.5.2 - Locate resources fromhome, school and community that provide valid health information.

OK Academic Standard Health 1.2.3 - Describe ways to prevent communicable diseases.

Thank you,

Kassi Wise, RN, BSN

If your 8th grade student athletes going to High School next year are interested in any of these sports. Please reach out to the coaches to get any information that you may need for the upcoming summer or school year.

Coach Martin Girls Basketball

Coach Wagner Boys Basketball

Coach Laverty Football

Coach Mitchell Softball

Coach Mosley Volleyball

Coach Watkins Cheer

Coach Lambert Pom

Coach Sarette Wrestling

Coach Bishop Swim & XC

Coach Moore Baseball

Coach Neal Boys Soccer & XC

Coach Hoge Girls Soccer & XC

Coach Hibbard Tennis

Coach Bricker Boys Golf

Coach Whittern Girls Golf

Coach Miller XC & Track and Field



6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Resident Affidavits/ Verification

If you are currently residing with another family member or a friend and have enrolled your child or children into the Putnam City School District using their address for proof of residency, you must update your residency affidavit/verification form BEFORE the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

What to Bring:  Both parties (parent/guardian and property owner) must appear to sign the documents with their personal identification, such as a driver’s license. In addition, the property owner must bring his/her lease or mortgage and a current utility bill (electric, gas or water).  The parent/guardian will need to provide official mail such as a bank statement medical bill, insurance papers, DHS documents or other personal bills. 

iPad Continuation Plan
Putnam City School District is proud to be a one-to-one technology district. This individual access to iPads allows our students the privilege to be on the cutting edge of education. To ensure that we can continue this program, students will be held accountable for damaged iPads. Below is the iPad Continuation Plan. Even with this plan, the district incurs a large amount of repair cost. Students will be held accountable for a portion of repair cost upon the second incident of damage during middle school, even if the damage does not occur within the same school
year. Incidents of damage do not start over each year, instead they carry over each year of middle school. Students who have outstanding damage fees will only be allowed access to a computer in the classroom until the damage charge is paid in full. The most common incident reported is iPads being stepped on while on the floor. Please communicate with your student to keep their iPad off of the floor at all times, especially while at lockers and switching classes. We look forward to another year of learning on iPads, and are grateful that our district is able to provide these great learning tools on an individual basis to students. iPad Continuation Plan:  1st Time – No charge,  2nd Time -$30 charge, 3rd Time - $50 charge, 4th Time -Full Repair Cost

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