Holly McNutt is the Principal of Hefner Middle School Holly was a classroom teacher for 17 years with Moore Public Schools joining Putnam City Schools in 2014 as an administrative intern at Harvest Hills and James L. Dennis Elementary schools. She served as assistant principal at James L. Capps Middle School for two years. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Oklahoma City University and a Masters in Educational Leadership from Oklahoma State University. She has a son who is a freshman at OU and a daughter who is a freshman in high school. This summer she will have been married 21 years.  hmcnutt@putnamcityschools.org

Kara Walk is the 7th grade assistant principal at Hefner Middle School. This year will be her 12th year in Putnam City Schools. She began her career as a teacher and coach in Texas  in 2003.  Her career in Putnam City began at Capps Middle School as an English teacher and coach in 2005, where she taught for 7 years. She comes to Hefner this year after spending a year at Mayfield Middle School. Her previous administrative experience includes working as an assistant principal at Webster (OKC), Western Oaks MS/ES, and Cooper. She is a proud graduate of Piedmont High School. Her degrees include a Bachelor’s of Arts in English from Northeastern State University in 2002 and a master’s in educational leadership from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2012. She is currently a graduate student working towards a doctorate in educational leadership at The University of Oklahoma. She has two four-legged children, Boomer, a Yorkie, and Scout, a rescued beagle/dachshund mix.  kwalk@putnamcityschools.org


Jana Johnston is our 6th grade principal.  She started her teaching career in 2001 in Irving, Texas where she taught for a total of 5 years, in both elementary and middle school.  Jana then moved to the Washington D.C. area and taught there for 6 years.  She is a graduate of Putnam City West, and was so excited to return home to teach for this district.  She taught at Central Elementary for 1 year and then Kirkland Elementary for 3 years before moving into administration.  She was at Western Oaks Middle School and Kenneth Cooper Middle School before coming to Hefner.  She completed her Bachelor’s in Education at Southern Nazarene University, a Master’s in Reading Curriculum and Instruction at Grand Canyon University, and a Master’s in Education Administration at Lamar University. She has two little boys and has been married for 10 years.  janaj@putnamcityschools.org


Stacey Calton is 8th grade vice principal.  She started her teaching career in 1993  at Putnam City High School, where she taught 9th and 10th grade English to both on-level and honors students for 18 years.  She then became an instructional coach at Mayfield Middle School and taught one year at Putnam City West before moving into administration.  She was assigned to Kenneth Cooper Middle School and Putnam City Academy before coming to Hefner.  She is a graduate of Western Heights High School and lives in the Oklahoma City area. She completed both her Bachelor’s degree in Secondary English Education and her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership at the University of Central Oklahoma.  She is also a National Board certified teacher in Adolescent and Young Adult English Language Arts.  She has one adult daughter.  scalton@putnamcityschools.org



Kathy Winham is Hefner’s 8th grade school counselor. She joined the counseling staff at Hefner in 2014 after working at Putnam City Academy as an ELSE counselor (2012-2014).  Prior to working at Putnam City Schools, Mrs. Winham was a Business Instructor at Canadian Valley Technology Center.  She completed her Bachelor’s in Psychology at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and her Master’s in School Counseling at the University of Central Oklahoma in 2012. Kathy married her husband, Dan in 1981.  They have two sons, one “daughter-in-love” and one grandson, Range.  kwinham@putnamcityschools.org


Craig Smith

Craig Smith is Hefner’s 7th Grade counselor. This is his 19th year in education and his 7thyear at Hefner. Craig received his bachelor’s degree from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant and received his master from the University of Central Oklahoma. Craig is married to his wife Jennifer and they have two kids, Grant and Parke.  craigs@putnamcityschools.org


Kim Hoppers is Hefner’s 6th grade school counselor. She is new to Hefner this year and is excited to be working with middle school students.  Mrs. Hoppers received her Bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State and her Master’s degree at the University of Central Oklahoma. She has been married for eighteen years, and she and her husband have four children that keep them busy.   khoppers@putnamcityschools.org


Aveni, Shane Math saveni@putnamcityschools.org
Bailey-Stewart, Whitney Language Arts wbaileystewart@putnamcityschools.org
Baker,Teneisha Character Education teneishab@putnamcityschools.org
Barton, Lauren Language Arts lbarton@putnamcityschools.org
Bass, Randie Science rbass@putnamcityschools.org
Baughman, Ryanne Resource Teacher rbaughman@putnamcityschools.org
Bertels, Elizabeth Spanish ebertels@putnamcityschools.org
Brown, Doug Social Studies dougb@putnamcityschools.org
Burgtorf, Chaille Resource Teacher cburgtorf@putnamcityschools.org
Carnott, Michele Resouce Teacher mcarnott@putnamcityschools.org
Clements, Carolyn Language Arts carolync@putnamcityschools.org
Coleman, Glenda Social Studies gcoleman@putnamcityschools.org
Connolly, Christie Resource Teacher cconnolly@putnamcityschools.org
Cooper, Robin Math rcooper@putnamcityschools.org
Croy, Vee English vcroy@putnamcityschools.org
Davison, Mickala Language Arts mdavison@putnamcityschools.org
DeSouza, Noah Computer Science ndesouza@putnamcityschools.org
Dorris, Tiffany Language Arts tdorris@putnamcityschools.org
Elias, Heather Resource Teacher helias@putnamcityschools.org
Escajeda, Andy ESL aescajeda@putnamcityschools.org
Fair, Ryan Science rfair@putnamcityschools.org
Fasching, Carrie Science cfashing@putnamcityschools.org
Fawver, Nathan Math nfawver@putnamcityschools.org
Ferland, Deanna Science dferland@putnamcityschools.org
Fisher, Karina Orchestra kfisher@putnamcityschools.org
Gault, Karen Math kgault@putnamcityschools.org
Gerst, Martin Science mgerst@putnamcityschools.org
Hansen, Jacqueline Social Studies jhansen@putnancityschools.org
Harper, Bryan ISR bharper@putnamcityschools.org
Harris, Lee School Psychologist leeh@putnamcityschools.org
Herman, Cathy Language Arts cherman@putnamcityschools.org
Herrington, Derrick Social Studies dherrington@putnamcityschools.org
Hulett, Carol Media Center Director chullet@putnamcityschools.org
Ibarra, Mikel Art mibarra@putnamcityschools.org
Irwin, Kara Resource Teacher kirwin@putnamcityschools.org
Ivey, Jeremiah Art jivey@putnamcityschools.org
Jarvis, Kim Science kjarvis@putnamcityschools.org
Jones, Elbert Math elbertj@putnamcityschools.org
Kinzie, Erin Resource Teacher ekinzie@putnamcityschools.org
Knipe, Cara Science cknipe@putnamcityschools.org
Lancaster, Katelyn PEAK katelynl@putnamcityschools.org
Laverty, Jessica Language Arts jlaverty@putnamcityschools.org
Lewis, Rickey Science rickeyl@putnamcityschools.org
Lopez, Rosemary Spanish rlopezmcmurl@putnamcityschools.org
Mandt, Jacye Drama jgunsaulis@putnamcityschools.org 
Miles, Tara Resource Teacher tmiles@putnamcityschools.org
Myers, Kyle Band kmyers@putnamcityschools.org
Neal, Anysia Math aneal@putnamcityschools.org
Noon, Sarah Math snoon@putnamcityschools.org
Ostercamp, Anne Math aostercamp@putnamcityschools.org
Owdetallah, Christie Social Studies cowdetallah@putnamcityschools.org
Parker, Brandon Social Studies bparker@putnamcityschools.org
Patterson, Molly Academic Achievement mpatterson@putnamcityschools.org
Pence, Carmen Physical Education/Yearbook cpence@putnamcityschools.org
Pritchett, Jamie Social Studies jpritchett@putnamcityschools.org
Pruiti, Lauren Language Arts lpruiti@putnamcityschools.org
Rambo, Liz Instructional Coach lrambo@putnamcityschools.org
Raney, Cara Social Studies craney@putnamcityschools.org
Rodriguez, Krinstine Science krodriguez@putnamcityschools.org
Rosenkranz, Jana Speech jrosenkranz@putnamcityschools.org
Russell, Patrice Resource Teacher prussell@putnamcityschools.org
Sanders, Tim Tech Ed tsanders@putnamcityschools.org
Sands, Jan Math jsands@putnamcityschools.org
Simmons, Jae Reading jsimmons@putnamcityschools.org
Skinner, Todd Physical Education tskinner@putnamcityschools.org
Starling, Kathryn Science kstarling@putnamcityschools.org
Stevenson, Justin Social Studies jstevenson@putnamcityschools.org
Stewart, Emily Language Arts eprecure@putnamcityschools.org
Tautfest, John Social Studies jtautfest@putnamcityschools.org
Tennial, Daphne Resource Teacher dtennial@putnamcityschools.org
Thomas, Billie Vocal Music bthomas@putnamcityschools.org
Thompson, Saundra Family/Consumer saundrat@putnamcityschools.org
Tiller, Julia Math jtiller@putnamcityschools.org
Walk, Nicole Language Arts nwalk@putnamcityschools.org
Wion, Cassidy Math cwion@putnamcityschools.org

Support Staff

Alley, Sarah Attendance Secretary saraha@putnamcityschools.org
Bryant, Stan Site Tech sbryant@putnamcityschools.org
Leep, Maggie Financial Secretary mleep@putnnamcityschools.org
Ramsey, Marisa Principal's Secretary mramsey@putnamcityschools.org
Roginson, Gail Registrar grobinson@putnamcityschools.org
Thompson, Kris Media Center Secretary krist@putnamcityschools.org
Weinmann, Stacy Receptionist sweinmann@putnamcityschools.org
Wise, Kassi Nurse kassiw@putnamcityschools.org

Teacher Assistants

Teacher of the Year










Michele Carnott has been a classroom teacher for 20 years with Putnam City Public Schools.  All her years of teaching have been at Hefner Middle School.  She has a  Bachelor of Business Administration from Cameron University and a Masters in Education from University of Central Oklahoma.  She has twin boys who are sixth graders at Hefner this year.  Michele has been married 17 years.


6th Grade

Team 6A

Social Studies - Justin Stevenson

Science - Carrie Fasching

English - Mickala Davison

Math - Anysia  Neal

Team 6B

Social Studies - Brandon Parker

Science - Kim Jarvis

English - Whitney Bailey-Stewart

Math - Robin Cooper


Team 6C

Social Studies - Christie Owdetallah

Science - Rickey Lewis

English - Lauren Barton

Math - Jan Sands

Team 6D

Social Studies - Jamie Pritchett

Science - Kristine Rodriguez

English - Lauren Pruiti

Math - Cassidy Wion

7th Grade

Team 7A

Social Studies - Doug Brown

Science - Ryan Fair

English - Tiffany Dorris

Math - Nathan Fawver

Team 7B

Social Studies - John Tautfest

Science - Kathryn Starling

English - Nicole Walk

Math - Sarah Noon

Team 7C

Social Studies - Derrick Herrington

Science - Randie Bass

English - Vee Croy

Math - Anne Ostercamp

8th Grade

Team 8A

Social Studies - Cara Raney

Science - Deanna Ferland

English - Jessica Laverty

Math - Shane Aveni

Team 8B

Social Studies - Jacqueline Hansen

Science - Martin Gerst

English - Carolyn Clements

Math - Karen Gault

Team 8C

Social Studies - Glenda Coleman

Science - Cara Knipe

English - Cathy Herman

Math - Elbert Jones